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Submitted by: Travis Little (class of '02)
I've got to admit, this site looks pretty lonely.  What, with all those who come looking
to see who else signed up and what not.  So, I figured I'd throw in a good memory
from my days of Uintah High ('00 - '02).

As life progresses I find out that I'm truly a nerd at heart.  Not a computer nerd, mind
you, but one who enjoys a good puzzle every now and then along with a real world
application of engineering principles.  When I was a sophomore I dreaded the thought
of going past Algebra II and by the time I was a senior I was part of the Uintah High
School Math Team.  I remember some of the cries of anguish when we (all 20 of us
or so) were trying to learn Calculus in Miss Baker's class.  Let me explain this a little
so this story makes more sense: A plane, in mathematics, is a continuous two
dimensional surface that has no beginning nor end and a plane can be mathematically
defined by a certain method.  One day Miss Baker asked the class how someone
would go about finding a plane and I recall the response from Noel Merket, "Radar!"
as he exclaimed it in a rather exasperated tone.

Math isn't for everyone but for the select few who try it and find that they're actually good
at it, it can lead to a lifetime of rewards.  e.g. Everytime my older brother would ask how
much my starting wages were for the few engineering jobs I've accepted offers from,
"What!?!  You're making how much and I've been busting my backside in the real world
for (some random number) of years while my snot-nosed little brother sleeps in all day
playing X-box?"  Yeah, Miss Baker's classes certainly were good memories that led to
even greater ones... Life is good.

Submitted by: Brad Schaefermeyer, (class of '80)
I have often thought of a memory of Uintah that almost seems like a dream now. I have
never written about it until I saw something today that triggered the memory.

Eric Manwaring was running for a class officer. Everyone running had to prepare a skit
for the student body. Anyone that knows Eric knows that he always had a way of talking
anyone into doing something they wouldn't normally do. He asked me to help him with
his skit and we came up with a doosy! We had set up a table in the middle of the gym
floor which had a apron around it to hid he and I from being seen by everyone. Two girls
(don't remember who they were) proceeded to mix up something in a garbage can on top
of the table to "Create" a class officer. Eric and I had prepared 2 Acetylene bombs. The
first was filled with only Acetylene (no oxygen mixture) the girls egnited the balloon which
produced a puff of black smoke. I came out from under the table a monster of sorts! Then
with my assistance we proceeded to lite the other balloon (filled with Acetylene and
Oxygen). I had a difficult time lighting it and they attempted to pull us off the floor with a
hook. We begged them to let us produce the class officer. I finally lit the balloon. I can still
remember the shock that went through the crowd. It shook the building, windows, floor
table..... Why we weren't suspended for that one I will never know. Times have changed
since my 40th birthday (Sept. 11) and I'm sure today we would be kicked out of school
for a very long time. Those were the days!!!!

We had always had the fear of static electricity with these bombs we were playing with
and wondered if that could ever set them off. Today I finally got my answer.


Submitted by: Kim Clawson, (class of '99)
I would have to say that one of my favorite memories of high school would be taking care of
Mr. Elder's fish. A few of us would meet in the morning and after school to take care of our
animals. He had a reticulate python, a king snake, an iguana and two or three tanks of fish
including gold fish and guppies. I don't remember what the third tank had, if anything. I was
taking an aquaculture class at the same time so when I found out our guppies were going to
have babies, I was all excited. I got an "incubator" to keep the other fish from eating them and
learned how to take care of them. It seems the king snake had other ideas. I went in to Mr.
Elder's class room one morning and Tike Morris, who was taking care of the king snake, said
"we finally found something the king snake would eat!" Then Mr. Elder said, "Yes, we fed the
guppies to the snake." I thought he was joking but when I went in to clean their cage, I did find
the guppies were gone. The one consolation I had was that Tike had a band-aide on his hand
because the snake bit him while he was feeding it.

I do have happier memories of high school, like "walking the halls" with Jenny and Jennie, and
of course all those yearbook parties (we did actually do a lot of work as well), going to Italy with
Mr. Thorne and his group, running distance on the track team, and of course staying in Miss
Baker's classroom after school to do homework and catch up on everyone's news.

Submitted by:
G.J. Searle (class of '00)

One of my greatest memories would have came from my sophomore year in 1997-98.
I was on student council with then Student Body President Sam Malouf. He had
this great idea of buying a van to use as a Spirit Van to drive around town on
game day. A little while after that, I was at an auction with my parents
where an old ambulance was available. I talked my parents into getting it for
us since it was already red and white. We did some quick checking around to
clear some of the legalities and was told just to remove the red lenses around
the emergency lights. What we decided to do was to make a plexi-glass case
that said Utes around it to place over the revolving lights on top. It was
awesome and the student council was excited to bring it out. The first
football game we took it to was at Union in Roosevelt which made us even more
excited. Sam was driving on our way over, and decided to turn the (emergency)
lights on every now and then from Ft. Duchesne to Roosevelt. Cars were
pulling to the side of the road in everything which we thought was really
cool. When we arrived at Union, we circled around the football with lights
flashing! We were getting all pumped up. After a couple rounds, we decided
to park on our side of the field. Right then, a local authority pulled up and
asked for our Emergency Vehicle License. Our excitement went straight to
fear. He then told us it was about a $2000 fine. My father showed up and
convinced the officer just to give a warning because we were told we did not
need a license. He said that was OK as long as we didn't turn the lights on
anymore. That was OK with us because we still had a kickin' stereo inside to
blast all night long. If you see the AVMC ambulance in the local Vernal
parades, give a salute to the old UTE VAN!!!!

Submitted by: Andy Critton (class of '86)
One of the many greatest memories I have or that stands out in my mind was
when I was a sophomore. I was one of two that qualified for state in track.
"Bink" was my coach but so was Coach Gil Limb. The administration had told
Coach Limb he couldn't go because there was no reason since none of the boys
had qualified.

He had helped me get to where I was and has/had be a great influence in my
life. Instead of leaving me without support he did whatever (don't know
exactly how he finagled it) and was there to see me receive my medal in the

I don't think I ever told him what that meant to me. Plus all the red legs
I went home with in basketball due to his defense drill he always made me do
with him.

Submitted by: Terry Harward (class of '84)
One of the funniest that wasn't so funny, but later became funny memories I have is during
the mud football game during the '82 - '83 year.

Ms. Cowan told Shawn O'Brien and myself that she would take pictures of us for the yearbook
if we would tackle one of the officals for the game. We agreed on Mr. Forsgren. Shawn hit him
high, I hit him low. He went down with a plop!!! And a CRUNCH!!!! AND A SCREAM!!! He fell in
the mud, but there happened to be a dry spot in the mud. The Crunch and scream came as his
hip shattered into seven pieces.

It took him a long time to heal, (if he has fully?) and I do feel bad for the broken hip, but the initial
hit was a blast.

Also, the choir trips with Mr. Hansen (The Greatest Teacher Ever) were always fun. The Arizona
trip as the Rainbow Connection has to be the greatest trip ever.

Playing football for the Greatest Coach (Curg Belcher, of course) was something that will always
be a memory never to be forgotten.

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